"Blue Diamond"

"The colour of the future"

Blue Diamond is equal to a Sapphire African Violet and the very first double recessive colour of chinchilla made from the two recessive types Afro Violet and Sapphire. As a consequence of this a Blue Diamond contains the double recessive genes of both types. In other words offspring of the Blue Diamond will as a minimum be carrier of both African Violet and Sapphire. If a Blue Diamond is combined with plain African Violet, all youngsters will be African Violet Sc. If a Blue Diamond is combined with plain Sapphire, all youngsters will be Sapphire Vc. If a Blue Diamond is combined with a plain standard, all youngsters will be standard double carrier (Vc+ Sc).
I made my first Blue Diamond chinchilla a TOV BD 1113D back in 2003. The background for this male was a very beautiful TOV Sapphire female and two different top Violet males from France. From my future in the mink branch I knew that there must be a new beautiful double recessive lighter colour between Violet and Sapphire, so I combined in year 2000 this TOV Sapphire female with 2 different Violet males and got 1 Black Velvet double carrier male with one father and 2 Black Velvet double carrier females from the other male. I then combined the half brother with his 2 half-sisters. My only possibility trying to see what would happen. One of the half-sisters was killed by the male. The other two got very good friends and she got pregnant. I knew that the chance to succeed at all was very little, also because of the lethal gene in the combination of two Black Velvets. I knew from genetics that the chance to get the double recessive colour was 1/16. To get a TOV double recessive colour 1/36 and to get a male of the new TOV colour 1/64. She got 3 youngsters and the first born was a strong male TOV Blue Diamond. The two other youngsters were Standard and Sapphire coloured. I saw immediately this special ice-blue colour, which I had expected it must look like, and knew that I had been extremely lucky. I put the new baby to an old standard female who had youngsters the same day, and moved her 2 youngsters to another female. This was the start of a new exiting period for me, who has now lasted for about 8 years.
At the moment (1st April 2010) there are 190 Blue Diamond animals at the farm.
I have for many years been among the real top breeders of standard in Europe. Nearly all professional top breeders in Denmark and Europe have my line of animals. To day I have only about 50 Top Standard females and 4 Standard males left for direct breeding of Standard.
I have and am still forming my standard into an integral part of my mutation. That includes a true genetic control of my mutation. You can be sure there is no Ebony gene in my animals. I am very afraid of especially this gene because this multiple gene can be transferred even to animals with white belly.
My animals are as well known as animals with very good fertility. Every year I have more than 3 live youngster in average per breeding female per year, (not per female make birth) mutation included. This is only possible if one use a consistent replacement politics of females as well as males. The period of time from putting into breeding and until copulation is very genetic determined. If I cannot feel embryo at the female 6 month after putting into breeding and the male is working ok, the female is taken out of breeding. I make control of teeth of female every time I take youngster from her. If problems (rough under chin) she is taken out of breeding, and youngsters is not going in.

Really I have a very high quality control, and due to the  fact, that I have managed to form my top standard as an integral part of my BD production, I have made a fantastic change in quality during the last years. My BD females are very good mother animals with high fertility like the standard and Violet. The Sapphire females are not as good as the BD females yet, but it will change. Many big Sapphire Vc animals are on their way from my big and strong Standard double carrier females.
Niels Sørig


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